Kertasari Eco Farm Estate

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Kertasari Eco Farm Estate Moro Bay Sumbawa

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If you’re thinking of purchasing a particular piece of Sumbawa Land or Sumbawa Property, congratulations. You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location in which to live and invest. Although non-natives may find some things about buying Indonesia real estate to be different from what they are used to in their homeland, that should not stop them from acquiring the paradise in sumbawa and helping sumbawa tourism develop further. please continue reading..

For the non-native individual who discovers an attractive piece of Sumbawa land or sumbawa properties, there are three options: collaborate with a nominee (high risk), enter into a leasehold transaction range 25-50 years lease or purchase the property in the name of Penanaman Modal Asing or PMA (recommend).

The nominee can be a native Indonesian individual who act as representative for buying the properties,these entities can hold title to the property under a legal agreement and subsequently sign over full rights to the purchaser through a power of attorney. Hence our best suggestion is to avoiding using a nominee for both parties security reasons, best option would be direct leasehold and company establishment for tourism purpose.

A leasehold is a means by which the investor can lease a piece of Indonesia land or land in Sumbawa, No partnership will be necessary to do this and the lease never actually owns the property, and when the lease is up, control will pass back to the lessor.

A PMA is the Indonesian term for a company that is fully owned by a non-native investor. Under the terms of the Indonesian Foreign Investment program, such a company can purchase and hold title to a piece of Indonesia property for 25 years with HGB title (can be extended). At the end of that time, if the company wishes to retain control of the properties, it must apply to the government for an extension of the licenses.

Yes. Under Indonesian law, PMA structures must had commissioner and director, a minimum of 2 shareholders (individual and/or entity)
1 director and 1 commissioner, PMA also allowed to hire foreigner as employees or Manager.

The buyer who hopes to purchase Indonesia or land in Sumbawa by setting up a PMA will need to:

  • Apply for Company name that must had Indonesian words
  • Company structures/organization
  • Capital and main business field
  • Company Domicile and all other supporting documents that can be prepared by local Notary.

Setting up a PMA will take between two to three months.

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Kertasari Eco Farm Estate Moro Bay Sumbawa

The Firm Bali provides a wide range of delightful Leasehold & Freehold land in Sumbawa ideally located in the Moro Bay area, This is a unique investment opportunity 

We use our experience and deep knowledge of the Sumbawa region to provide you with the best advice to find the perfect land for sale Freehold & Leasehold

The Moro Bay Eco farm Estate is a truly unique once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in the Indonesian culture and Sumbawa community. This is my family dream it can also be yours. Contact our team today to find out more about this once in a lifetime chance to be part of this dream

—Koby Abberton

We provide expert advice for All Moro Bay Eco Farm estate Purchasers from start to Finish

We put our large Indonesian and Sumbawa based network and our expertise at your disposal to help you manage your villa and make your investment successful in all aspects.

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